Have a fabulous summer everyone!!

Defective Yearbooks

Unfortunately, we have a defective batch of yearbooks.  Some of the yearbooks have been poorly bound, with pages falling out. 

If you have a defective yearbook, we will give you a new copy, free of charge. 

Please click HERE so we can contact you to arrange pickup.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

*Please contact us prior to June 17th; after this date, you may experience a longer response time.

Thank you!

The Walnut Grove PTA is pleased to announce our

2016-2017 Executive Board:

 President--Soojin Hwang

Executive Vice President--Anita Iyer

VP of Student and Community Services--Stephany Jenkins

VP of Fundraising--Donalyn Harris

VP of Education and Health Services--Sylvia Tian

VP of Communications--Stephanie Schieder

VP of Hospitality--Jen Heid with Lindsay Franco

Historian--Grace Li

Treasurer--Yi Huang

Financial Secretary--Margo Homem Shimy

Secretary--Summer Bowers

Auditor--Joyce Hao

School Smarts Parent Academy, Session 5

will be held on April 21, 2016, from 6:30-8 pm in the Library.

Please remember to attend this important meeting if you are enrolled in the School Smarts Parent Academy.
Light refreshments and child care will be provided.

 Please email Sylvia Tian to confirm your attendance, or for any questions you may have. 

See you all at School Smarts Parent Academy!

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