After School Enrichment

Learning doesn't have to end when school is released. Walnut Grove offers after school enrichment activities for our students to enjoy and further their education. These activities are not District sponsored.  Sign up information is included in the class descriptions below

Read on to learn more about these enrichment activities:

  • Beginning Progressive Spanish
  • Sewing
  • Girl Scouts

Spanish & Sewing Classes

Beginning Progressive Spanish (K-5th grades): Thursdays, 3:00-4:00 p.m. 
Fall Session: (9/19-12/12/19), Winter Session: (1/9-3/12/20), Spring Session: (3/19-5/28/20) 
No class dates: Minimum Day: 10/31/19, 12:40 PM-1:40 PM 
Children will learn the Spanish language in a fun, comfortable learning environment. Material is presented in an engaging, interactive, and useful manner. Students will learn real Spanish in an immersion setting, as well as become familiar with cultural elements of Spanish-speaking countries. The curriculum consists of learning: ABC’s, numbers, colors, vocabulary words, phrases (conversation), poems, songs, art projects, games and much more. Students will take home material to show the work that they are doing in class and to practice at home with the parents. The goal of this program is to attain conversational skills. New material is introduced each session. 

Sewing Class (1st-5th grades): Mondays, 3:00-4:00 p.m. 

Fall Session: (9/16-12/9/19), Winter Session: (1/27-3/23/20), Spring Session: (3/30-5/18/20) 

No class dates: Minimum Day: 11/18/19, 12:40 PM-1:40 PM 

“Mom, I want to learn how to sew!” Sewing is not only fun and creative; but, it is a useful learning skill. Children will learn how to safely thread a needle; draw and cut-out a pattern; and sew their own pieces by hand. Sewing techniques learned in this class: running stitch, slip stitch, how to sew buttons, and more. Children will make sock monsters, t-shirt creatures, bags/sacks, holiday decorations, etc. All new projects this year. 

Early bird discounts, register for more than 1 student or for more than 1 session! 

Registrations due before or by 8/30/19! 

Fall Classes, Session I, begin on 9/16/19! 

To register for classes and more detailed information about our programs, visit our website: or call Spanish Academy at 925-289-2352/925-200-5170 

Girl Scouts

- For information on joining your local Girl Scouts, contact Erin Shimy.