Fundraising Events

Walnut Grove has two main fundraising events this year:

  • The Dollar-a-Day annual campaign
  • The Fun Run

Dollar-a-Day annual campaign

During the online registration process, you have the opportunity to contribute to our Dollar-a-Day annual campaign. Our suggested donation is a dollar for each of the 180 days in the school year — that is, $180 per student or $250 per family if you have multiple students at Walnut Grove. 

If you would like to make a Dollar-a-Day donation, you can contribute online.

Fun Run

The annual Fun Run is a wonderful community-building event that encourages Walnut Grove students to be active while supporting our school. Students are encouraged to obtain pledges for each lap they run to raise money for the school. Fun Run is typically organized in the month of September.

The day of the Fun Run is full of laughter, fun, music, community pride, and healthy exercise. Each student is given a Fun Run T-shirt sponsored by the friends and families in our community. Each grade level is assigned a "spirit color" to wear. Many classes choose to tie-dye their t-shirts; color their hair; and adorn socks, hairbands, and even tutus to show their spirit. 

Parent volunteers join Mr. Taylor (one of our amazing Walnut Grove PE teachers and our MC for the event) in decorating the school grounds with colorful flags and balloons to set the tone for the day. On the day of the event, we crank up the volume of the music and party! Parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends come out for the day and cheer on the students.

The Fun Run is a great way to come together and mingle with old friends and new, while raising money for Walnut Grove. It stands out as a highlight of every school year!