Fall Registration

Walk-Through Registration Information — Updated Aug. 18

Date: Wednesday, Aug. 20
Time: 9 am to 12 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm
Place: Walnut Grove Multi-Purpose Room, 1999 Harvest Rd., Pleasanton

Please allow plenty of time to attend Walk-Through Registration on Wednesday.
Although many registration details are completed via the new online registration process, you will still need to allow time for lines, filling out/updating your student's emergency card, and visiting the various tables in the Multi-Purpose Room.

If you are unable to attend Walk-Through Registration, you may have a friend drop off your student's online registration receipt and other paperwork.
However, the teacher assignment and emergency card can ONLY be released to the custodial parent/guardian of each student.  

In order to complete your student's registration and receive your student's teacher assignment, the custodial parent/guardian must come to the school office, show proof of residency, and update the student's emergency card. This law is designed to protect the privacy of each pupil.
Please contact the Walnut Grove school office (925-426-4250) with any questions regarding this procedure. 

Don't forget to bring these essentials with you to Walk-Through Registration:
  1. Online registration receipt
  2. Your checkbook if you chose to pay by check during online registration
  3. Signature page (1 per student) from online registration (be sure your student signs as well!)
  4. Emergency card information
    • Health insurance information
    • Your student's medical information (medical condition and medications)
    • Names and phone numbers for adults who are authorized to pick up, care for, and authorize medical treatment for your student
  5. TWO current and different proofs of residency, such as the following: 
    • Current utility bill (cable, PG&E, water, garbage, or landline phone) 
      Note: Cell phone bills will NOT be accepted as proof of residency.
    • Recent close of escrow papers
    • Recently signed rental/lease agreement with the name, address, and telephone number of the lessor

See you on Wednesday at Walk-Through Registration!

New fall registration procedure

Along with most PUSD schools, Walnut Grove is moving to partial online registration for the 2014–2015 school year.

You must then finish the process by bringing your online registration printouts (receipt and signature page) and TWO proofs of residency to Walk-Through Registration on Wednesday, Aug. 20. 

Be prepared to review your student's emergency card for accuracy at Walk-Through Registration and add your student's medical and insurance information, as well as authorized emergency pickup contacts.

One-time online registration codes mailed to your house

The official PUSD mailing will contain a unique online registration code and instructions for beginning your child's fall registration online. Each enrolled Walnut Grove student will receive a separate letter and online registration code.

Follow the directions included with your online registration code. Then print out the following from the website:

  • Receipt
  • Signature page (1 per student) — be sure to have your student sign as well!

Bring these printouts with you, along with your TWO proofs of residency, to Walk-Through Registration on Aug. 20.

Online registration codes were mailed out on Aug. 11. If you have not received your student's online registration code in the mail by Aug. 15, please contact the Walnut Grove school office (925.426.4250) for assistance.

Walk-Through Registration – Wednesday, Aug. 20

Because PUSD requires all students to verify their residency each year, Walnut Grove will hold Walk-Through Registration on Wednesday, Aug. 20, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 6 to 8 pm in the Walnut Grove Multi-Purpose Room.

You will need to bring your online registration printouts (signature page and receipt), along with proof of residency. 

Be prepared to add your medical insurance information and authorized pickup contacts to an emergency card for each student at Walk-Through Registration.

Note: PUSD requires TWO current and different forms of evidence of residency.

The following are acceptable proofs of residency:

  • A current utility bill with the parent's or legal guardian's printed name and service address. Examples include PG&E, water, garbage, cable, or telephone (landline is acceptable; cell phone bills will NOT be accepted as proof of residency).
  • Papers showing a recent close of escrow
  • A recently signed rental/lease agreement (with name, address, and phone number of lessor).
Be prepared to review your student's emergency card for accuracy at Walk-Through Registration and add the following:
  • Your student's medical information (any medical conditions and medications)
  • Your student's health insurance information
  • Contact information (name, relationship, phone numbers) for adults who are authorized to pick up, care for, and authorize medical care for your student
Please also bring your checkbook if you opted to pay by check during the online registration process.

At Walk-Through Registration, you can also purchase spirit wear, add money to your child's lunch account, sign up for volunteer opportunities, learn about student clubs, and more.

Please contact the Walnut Grove school office (925.426.4250) or Jen Skinner if you have questions about the fall registration process. You can also receive assistance at Walk-Through Registration on Wednesday, Aug. 20.

Volunteers needed for Walk-Through Registration

Although we are switching to online registration this year, many volunteers are still needed to make Walk-Through Registration a success.  
Walk-Through Registration will be held from 9 am to 12 pm and from 6 to 8 pm, and volunteers can choose from four shifts. Please take a look at the sign-up sheet, and sign up online if you can help out.

Please contact Jen Skinner if you have any questions about helping out at Walk-Through Registration.