Parking lot

At the September 17 Walnut Grove PTA association meeting, questions that were either out of scope for the PTA meeting or required further investigation were placed in the "parking lot." These questions are listed below.

1. Computer lab -- how is it being used?
The computer lab 
Walnut Grove PTA is a nonprofit organization that relies on fundraising and donations to support critical personnel and programs central to our children's learning. With budget cuts and other pressures, PTA fundraising is more important than ever. We truly appreciate your donations to support our school.

Our suggested annual donation to the Dollar-a-Day campaign is $180/student or $250/family. But any amount is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use for our school! Please contact Kym Gentry-Peck if you have any questions.

It costs over $180,000 per year for the PTA to continue funding these important items:


  • $35 per child classroom stipend that goes directly to the classroom teacher for individual classroom needs

  • Curriculum support to meet Common Core State Standards

  • Teacher supply cabinet

  • Technology in the classroom

  • Fundations -- literacy program

  • Instructional rounds

  • Intervention programs


  • Hardware, software, and instructional hours beyond those provided by the district


  • Counselors, PE, Speech, Special Ed and Resource, Science Lab


  • Library books and additional library hours beyond those provided by the district


  • Instruction and supplies
  • Fall and spring student musicals
  • Spelling bee
  • JiJi math program
  • Science fair and Family Science Night
  • Reflections Arts Recognition Program 
  • Science laboratory materials
  • PE equipment
  • Playground equipment
  • Health room supplies
  • Lunchtime art room supervisor and supplies
  • Classroom art programs and supplies
  • Coffee with the principal
  • Welcome Back Coffee
  • Back-to-School Family Social
  • Lunchtime student birthday table
  • Mornings with Mom and Dad events
  • Family fun events (bingo and movie nights)
  • Red Ribbon week activities
  • Open House ice cream social
  • Staff appreciation luncheon

Benefit of tax-deductibility

Walnut Grove PTA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (tax ID: 02-0547233). Contributions to Walnut Grove PTA are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by the IRS. Please check with your accountant at tax time.

When considering how much to donate, please consider the following:
  • Most taxpayers quality for a 30–50% tax deduction on donations to nonprofits like the Walnut Grove PTA.
  • If you give $100, you may receive at least 30% back in taxes on that donation, resulting in an actual out-of-pocket donation of $50–$70. 
  • But Walnut Grove PTA will still receive $100!

Employer matching funds

Many employers match their employees' contributions to nonprofit organizations. Please check with your employers to see if they will match your donation! You can sometimes apply for matching funds online through your company's intranet. You can also bring your company's forms to walk-through registration or drop them in the PTA room in the Walnut Grove school office.

We are grateful for all the help and money that Walnut Grove parents give to better our children's education. We have partnered with our teachers and staff to make Walnut Grove one of the top public schools in the state. Education funding from the state continues to be low, so our school depends on community support to ensure that our students continue to thrive in a wonderful learning atmosphere.

General fund
Supports Walnut Grove personnel and programs that are critical for our children's learning.
Library fund
Supports library personnel and buys library books and equipment to support our children's learning.
 Technology fund
Buys new computers and software and updates Walnut Grove classrooms with new technology.