Sponsorship Opportunities

Walnut Grove PTA sponsors play an important role in supporting the work PTA does for children at Walnut Grove. By sponsoring a PTA activity or event, you or your company can demonstrate a commitment to improving the life and education of every child.

We are looking for sponsors and donors for a variety of PTA activities and events, including the following:

  • Walnut Grove school directory — Sponsors help cover the costs of printing the school directory. Sponsors will be thanked in the school directory and can provide an advertisement to be included in the directory.
  • Fun Run — Sponsors help cover the costs of the Fun Run, including prizes and T-shirts. Sponsors will be thanked on the PTA website and can provide a company logo to be displayed on the T-shirts.
  • Prizes, coffee, and refreshments — Sponsors help cover the cost of prizes, coffee, and/or refreshments at various PTA events.  

 If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities with the Walnut Grove PTA, please contact Donalyn Harris. Thank you!