Parking Lot & Drop Off

We have been working with the City of Pleasanton to improve safety associated with the drop‐off and pick‐up of students at Walnut Grove Elementary School. Our joint efforts are part of “Rides to School,” Pleasanton's School Traffic Calming Program.

The primary unloading/loading area is within the parking lot; refer to the circulation map located on the back. Vehicles enter the one‐way loop from Harvest Road.

The north parking lot by the 100 building is not for drop off or pick up. Parents wishing to park their vehicle and walk their child in may do so in the available parking on‐street or in the adjacent parking lot. School visitors must adhere to posted loading zone and parking restrictions at all times.


Please remember that although your child is safely inside the school or in the vehicle, many other students are still walking around and cautious driving is needed at all times. We will be monitoring these procedures to evaluate their effectiveness in reducing traffic congestion while ensuring optimum safety for our students. 

Thank you for your cooperation and please drive safely!